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Q: How much does it cost me to use Switch My Stuff?

A: Nothing. Nada. Not one red cent.

Q: How does Switch My Stuff get paid?

A: We receive a commission from the service providers for bringing them business.  For instance, if you select internet service through Comcast, Comcast will pay us a one time commission for submitting your order.  Likewise, with the other TV, internet and phone providers we partner with.

Q: Do you get paid for signing up city services and other utilities?

A: No. We do not get paid for transferring or signing up services such as power, gas, water and other public utilities. We are happy to transfer these services as a courtesy so you don’t have to, as such, with one call to Switch My Stuff, everything can be transferred and you won’t have to worry about it.

Q: How does Switch My Stuff work?

A: You contact us and we will find the best deals out there for your different services and then submit the orders for you.

Q: Can I only use Switch My Stuff when I move?

A:  Absolutely not.  We would love to assist you with any of the services we offer at any time.  In fact, if you choose, a representative will call you periodically to let you know when you are eligible for a renewal or an upgrade with different products.

Q: How do I find out about the latest promotions service companies are offering?

A: You can find out about the latest deals in a number of ways.  If interested, you can sign up for our email list that we occasionally send out to our clients. You can check out the latest deals on our website or follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we’ll post the current promotional offers.


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